Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I just want to clarify something right off the bat. This whole experience has been REALLY HARD!!!---for ALL of us.  Would I trade it? Sometimes, I think, "yes... yes, I would". (Today, I was ready to buy a plane ticket.) But mostly, I know that it will be a wonderful, life-changing experience. You know those experiences in life that seem more golden the further you get away from them? Yeah... it's something like that.

I want to thank everyone for your wonderful comments and supportiveness here, on facebook, through emails, etc. I didn't think I could do this blog, but it has turned out to been really therapeutic for me. Somehow it helps me to write things down and find the humor in them, as well as realize the great many blessings I receive during the most challenging times. And your comments just give me that pat on the back and taste of home that I so desperately crave.

I was going to write this blog about the first  day of online school for my kids. But nobody wants to read that much negativity. (At the end of the second day, I'm still struggling to find the humor in the whole situation.) Let's just say I'm not cut out to be a kindergarten, 3rd, 5th, and 9th grade teacher, and leave it at that. We are looking into some other options. I'll get back to you. In the meantime, a few prayers wouldn't hurt, and in fact would be greatly appreciated!

Last night, after a particularly rough day, I told Tom, "I'm going downstairs to decompose." As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I realized what I had said. I started to correct myself and say, "decompress", but then I realized that, nope, I'd rather decompose right now.

As I sit here decompressing from the day's events, I am reminiscing about the awesome people I have met here, and the lessons that I have learned and would like to incorporate into my life--lessons that I otherwise wouldn't have learned (and I'm not talking about traffic rules here). Sometimes growth comes with growing pains. Nobody ever guaranteed it would be easy. I do feel certain it will be worth it. At times, that certainty is buried deep under doubt, but it always reemerges-- like the sun poking out of the darkest clouds-- just for an instant. These posts help me to part those dark clouds and see the brightness, and your comments help me to feel the warm rays on my back, and suddenly, everything is ok again. So, thank you! And thank you for putting up with this melancholy little post.

And speaking of clouds...I'll finish with a random funny story (although it was not at all humorous at the time)...

Today, we had a freak thunder/rain storm. I had forgotten that I had the "dryer" running. Let me repost a picture of my dryer just to refresh your memory:

Ha ha. Funny....


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  2. Thinking of you! And loving your blog.

  3. Look on the bright side, those random rain storms could be used to replace the washer too. If only you could time it better. Hang in there Sis and don't decompose too much.

  4. don't be to discouraged, all the teachers i know will say the first year was the worst. If you end up doing home school you will get the hang of it.

  5. I love your blog! IT is so fun to see you guys having a great time. You are so brave and so great to be doing this! Keep on writing.